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Dimitri is freelance fashion, graphic and product designer, painter, author and lecturer at several universities in Germany. Working for clients in France, Italy, Germany and Swiss.




KENZO, France

A&S Development, France

Aubade, France

Stefanobi, Italy

Tchibo, Germany

Goldpfeil, Germany

Madler Leather, Germany

Sherpa Outdoor, Swiss

Diverse lectureships at

AMD Academy Fashion&Design, Hamburg

Brand Academy, Hamburg


Tel: +49 151 17222226 is a design and art studio that offers different services in fashiondesign, productdesign, graphicdesign and fineart areas.

The project was founded by our Creative Director Dimitri Jelezky in 2010. We propose a full service for supporting the companys in different fashion- and productdesign areas:

casualwear (men, women, children), sportswear, underwear, accessoires, productdesign (consumer goods), print development to fashion&product illustration, we develop the project from the beginning  to the final product, working throught all proccesses.


We can give you a better and appropriate fashion&product collection planning, after a careful analysis of your business and commercial goal.


We offer you:

-Graphic realization of the collection in 2D and 3D (pret-a-porter women, men and children, sportwear women and men, underwear women and men,  accessoiries women and men, productdesign consumer goods)

-Controlling of the production process with affiliate production facilities

-Prints development for fashiondesign and productdesign

-Colorcard and fabric research

-Realization of bilingual technical sheets (technical drawings with Adobe Illustrator and Rhinoceros)

-Fashion and product Illustrations (analog or digital technics)

-Workshops 2D and 3D in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDraw, Rhinoceros, CLO 3D, Autocad Dynamo  for fashion, product and graphic designers (beginners and master courses)

Professionalism, expertise, creativity and experience are our guarantees for the creation of a project with beautiful and successful products.

For more details email us at or send us a message via the contact form below and we'll get back to you

Thanks! Message sent.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign and Fashion Illustration courses


Pret-a-Porter, Accessoiries women&men collection development


Free Video tutorials for fashion designers in Adobe Illustrator and analog drawing


Design books for fashion& graphic designers


Flat sketches and figurine templates as downloadable Adobe Illustrator (vector) files

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